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Mindset UK is committed to helping you be the best version of you.


Welcome to Mindset UK. Our mission is to help bring confidence and resilience to every aspect of your world so you can live a fulfilling and purposeful life. The challenges we face in the world have caused significantly increased levels of anxiety and stress that demands a different focus on how we manage others and ourselves. At Mindset UK we specialise in creating and delivering interactive, engaging programmes to schools, businesses and sport on developing self-belief, confidence and resilience. Our programmes are supportive and inspiring, are bespoke in nature and equip you with the understanding of how to be your personal best.

Mindset UK is lead by Sonia Grant, an experienced educator, trainer, coach and facilitator who is committed to supporting and motivating people to achieve the very best they can. She has worked in education for 30 years in various roles and since 2012 has developed her consultancy and training company to fulfil her mission of making a difference in peoples lives by empowering them to see the true nature of their unlimited potential. For the last 6 years she been contracted to develop growth mindset and resilience projects in schools and nurseries in local authorities across Scotland. She has been a National Trainer for Sportscotland for 7 years and is a trained coach and counsellor. In June 2018 has recently become an IHEART facilitator to teach young people about their innate resilience and wellbeing She has worked in businesses as a trainer, facilitator and coach to help develop a resilient and confident workforce. Her skills lie in developing training courses, facilitating workshops and connecting with people to bring the very best out of them.

Our Clients

Our Associates

Christine Percival MBE – Associate Consultant

Previously she was a teacher, teacher educator and course director at The University of Strathclyde, and a Curriculum Development Officer at (SCCC) now Education Scotland. Christine pioneered ‘Challenge in Learning’ at Strathclyde, leading the Innovative Routes to Learning team from 1999-2010. During this time she inspired and directed the accredited Summer Academy @ Strathclyde, a multi- education authority initiative to widen access to Higher Education and close the attainment gap, for which she was awarded an MBE for services to Education. Her work has been replicated in several European countries.


Marie Leucci – Associate Consultant

Marie is an educational consultant. She has used her knowledge on all aspects of education to deliver continuing professional development programmes throughout all educational sectors. She has also advised on curriculum content and design to national bodies, the most recent being her role in the production of educational materials for The Queensferry Crossing and the A9 dualling project.

Inspired by the impact that language learning can have on raising achievement, Marie has been recognised for her teaching and learning methodologies. She has written a series of interactive language learning books now in use in primary schools. She has also set up educational partnerships between schools as well as Local Education Authorities in European countries.


Aoife Barrett – Associate Consultant

Aoife’s background is in psychology (BA, MSc), and she has worked in various settings related to this field of study, from hospitals, to educational and community settings. Aoife has always been passionate about well-being and has had a keen interest in human behaviour and learning. She is particularly interested in ways to optimise these, both personally and professionally. Aoife uses her knowledge of human psychology, research methods and data analysis in her role as an Associate at Mindset UK.


“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would
literally astound ourselves”

Thomas A. Edison