Building resilience and developing healthy attitudes.

Mindset in Education

The focus of our work is helping people become consciously aware of how beliefs about their abilities and themselves affects what they can or can’t achieve. There is no greater legacy as an educator than to help young people achieve success – in school and in life. One of the keys to this is helping them have healthy attitudes to themselves, their abilities and to learning – essentially developing a growth mindset. The work and findings of Professor Carol Dweck has greatly influenced our work as the intensive research she has carried out on developing growth mindsets clearly demonstrates the significant impact this has on helping young people achieve success.

We have a unique approach that helps developing growth mindset in young people, teachers, schools and communities. It incorporates all we know about motivation, performance and learning, and how to bring about positive change.

Our Growth Mindset Framework

There are 3 key principles to this approach; the brain, the process and the culture.

The Brain– a conceptual understanding of the brain and learning.

Explicitly teaching young people and teachers about the brain can have a transformative impact in the classroom. When there is an understanding that their brain has the ability to change and grow it increases motivation to learn, creates positive beliefs and raises perceptions of what is achievable.

The Process – a common, consistent language and approach.

Creating an environment that grows and develops healthy beliefs requires an approach where the focus is on the process of learning not the outcome or result. The use of a common consistent language that promotes effort, hard work, learning from mistakes and focusing on personal progress is key to this.

The Culture – cultivating the environment.

Developing a growth mindset culture needs deliberate planning and implementation over a period of time. This is not another initiative; rather it is an approach to cultural change that will require a conscious, consistent effort from all involve with the learning community.

Mindset UK framework 


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re probably right”

Henry Ford


With our experience in education we fully appreciate how challenging yet rewarding teaching can be.  Our aim at Mindset UK is to provide workshops, training and growth mindset coaching to enable educators to feel more confident, resilient, passionate and fulfilled.

Here are our top 5 tips for educators;

  • See yourself as a learner rather than someone who should know it all.
  • Embrace your own mistakes as a chance to learn – you’re not there YET!
  • Learn to focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t
  • Let go of your ego and stop taking things   personally
  • Talk back to your fixed mindset voice with a growth mindset voice.