Resilience Training

We need a revolutionary shift in how we perceive our wellbeing and mental health

In our current understanding of how the human mind works we think that it’s the experiences we have on a day to day basis that makes us feel sad, angry, happy, joyful etc. We think it’s the boss who makes us feel worthless, or the friend who says something to hurt us or the exam coming up that makes us feel stressed.  This feels very disempowering and it’s the source of much suffering and pain in our society.  What if it doesn’t work that way?


What if we already had everything we need inside of us and that our only problem is we’ve simply forgotten who we really are?

When we understand how the human mind actually works we can see that mental health and resilience are built into the human operating system. Therefore, focusing our efforts on understanding our mental wellness rather than mental illness will bring about a revolutionary shift in the mental health of our world Click here to find out more

Mindset UK offers resilience training to schools, businesses and sports performers.

In Schools – The IHEART Programme

What we do

  • We work in schools, colleges, universities and various learning communities
  • We build a common resilience language and culture across the entire learning communities
  • We train teachers and organisational leaders in delivering the inside-out resilience approach
  • We provide workshops for teachers and educational leaders on managing burn-out and challenging situations
  • We provide workshops for parents so that they can join in with their children in creating a healthy and resilient family unit


Sonia Grant and Marie Leucci are trained IHEART facilitators and can deliver the IHEART programme to your school, college or university.  Click here to download the IHEART brochure

In business – Developing a Resilient Mindset Culture

What we do

  • We build a common language for leaders and employees to uncover their clarity of mind and innate wisdom
  • We train leaders and managers in understanding the inside-out resilience approach so they can share this across their organisations
  • We provide workshops for leaders and employees on how to manage stress and overwhelm
  • We provide 1:1 coaching on building resilience

In sport – Developing a mindset to be top of your game

What we do

  • We deliver workshops to teams or clubs
  • We provide 1:1 coaching on ‘being the best version of you’
  • We train organisational leaders in developing a growth mindset culture

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is faithful servant, we have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”

Albert Einstein