What if we already had everything we need inside of us and that our only problem is we’ve simply forgotten who we really are?




What if we have within us a natural resilience innate health and mental wellbeing?

What if we could tap into this and live our lives from this perspective?

What if we understood that we have a built-in innate intelligence and infinite creative potential?







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The good news is wellbeing and resilience are our natural state!  Our only job is to wake up to this fact and step into our infinite creative potential moment by moment and day by day.  This is the key to wellness and success in life.   This is the inside out understanding.


The inside-Out understanding

Your mind works only one way, from the inside-out and it has a built-in design for resilience, wellbeing and success.  When you realise the truth of this, your life will be more productive, enjoyable and fulfilling.


We are living in the feeling of our thoughts, not the feeling of the world. This is one of the biggest misunderstandings we have as human beings. What this means is that nobody can make you feel a way that you don’t think (your feeling is the feedback of how you are thinking). Thoughts are continually changing, and in the same way, your feelings will change.


This understanding is inspired by the Three Principles developed by Sydney Banks. Our mission here at Mindset UK is to enable individuals to embrace life with a greater sense of wellbeing and wisdom, to operate more effectively and to travel through life successfully with ease and fulfilment.


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“The past is history, future is a mystery, today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present”