Services and Specialisms



  • Engaging training for educators on developing growth mindset concepts that increases resilience, confidence and motivation to learn
  • Develop implementation plans to embed a growth mindset culture within educational settings and contexts
  • Provide programmes for young people on leadership and peer mentoring
  • Deliver bespoke workshops on mindset that include learning strategies to deal with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and lack of resilience
  • Measurement of impact for evaluation purposes
  • Provide coaching and mentoring for leaders, staff, young people and parents/carers on managing their mindset for improved performance
  • Materials and resources to compliment the learning on developing a growth mindset culture



  • Inspiring training for leaders, managers and staff on developing growth mindset concepts to improve business performance, manage change, increase resilience and improve wellbeing
  • Engaging bespoke workshops to bring about cultural change in the work place
  • Performance coaching for Senior Managers
  • Mindset coaching for leaders and staff


  • Workshops for sports clubs, teams and players on developing growth mindset for improved performance
  • Mindset coaching and mentoring for individuals, teams or small groups
Training and Facilitation

Training and Facilitation

Our training courses help you achieve specific outcomes through the use of active, participatory, participant centred methods. We use a range of different techniques and methodologies to ensure there is strong, impactful discussions that lead to an end result.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring programs take many different forms and are tailored to your needs. Through coaching we aim to be the catalyst that helps you tap into your inner resources and your unique potential. Our mentoring approach focuses on helping you shape your beliefs and values in a positive way in your personal and professional life.

Custom made Packages

Custom made Packages

At Mindset UK we can alter any of our courses to meet any specific requirements that you may have. This includes the ability to work with individuals, groups or teams whether in education, sport or business.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

Albert Einstein